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sukhmani sahib

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    Book Recommendations By Forum Member Jaspinder Singh

    An excellent steek of Guru Granth Sahib by Dr. Darshan Singh is now available . The steek is an excellent effort on the part of Dr. Darshan Singh who has given his everything to bring out this masterpiece for the Sikhs around the world . This steek is an excellent Translation of complete Guru...
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    What Is The Difference Between SADH, SANT, GIANI AND BRAHM GIANI

    Sar Siri Akal We are trying to understand SUKHMANI SAHIB in group setting. We would like to understand the difference between SADH, SANT, GIANI, PRAHM GIANI Your input will be appreciated
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    5th Pauri: 4th Ashtapadee: Sukhmani Sahib: My Understanding

    Dear Khalsa Ji, After a long time, today, I share with you my understanding of the 5th Pauri of 4th Ashtapadee of Sukhmani Sahib. 1. krqUiq psU kI mwns jwiq ] kartoot pasoo kee maanas jaat. Their deeds are similar to that of animals, though they have human form. My Understanding...
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    Sukhmani Sahib - Pauri 6 Of Ashtpadi 1

    Dear Khalsa Ji, In this post, I share my understanding of the 6th Pauri of 1st Ashtapadee of Sukhmani Sahib. 1. pRB kau ismrih sy praupkwrI ] parabh ka-o simrahi say par-upkaaree. Those who remember ‘The Sat’ do good things to others. My understanding: The person who lives in remembrance...