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    Legal Sikh Plans To Sue Lahore High Court Security Over Religious Freedom

    Ajeet Singh stopped from bringing ceremonial Sikh sword onto premises LAHORE: A Sikh man is planning to file a writ petition against Lahore High Court (LHC) security personnel after he was stopped from entering the court premises with his kirpaan, the ceremonial Sikh sword. Ajeet Singh...
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    Sikh News UK Sikh Cabbie To Sue Marquess Of Blandford Over Racial Slur (ANI Via Yahoo! India Ne

    London, Aug.9 (ANI): A UK Sikh cabbie has decided to sue the Marquess of Blandford over a racial slur directed at him. According to The Daily Mail, taxi driver Davinder Singh responded to a booking last month to take Charles James Spencer-Churchill, known as Jamie Blandford, to the West Midlands...
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    U2 Sue Former Stylist For Return Of Souvenirs (Reuters)

    Reuters - Rock group U2 went to court on Tuesday to recover 5,000 euros (3,323 pounds) worth of memorabilia -- including a pair of lead singer Bono's trousers -- from a former stylist...