1. spnadmin

    Preserving Ancient String Instruments

    Preserving ancient string instruments Amritsar, February 22 A unique museum and a music school of the Chief Khalsa Diwan here are doing yeoman service in preserving ancient stringed instruments.The museum, located inside Diwan’s orphanage premises here, has scores of string and folk...
  2. Astroboy

    Vibrating String

    Instruments that utilize string resonance Baryton Bazantar Crwth Dilruba Esraj Gadulka Gottuvadhyam Hardingfele H'arpeggione Koto Modern versions of the nyckelharpa Mohan veena Piano (right pedal) Prepared guitar Prepared piano Rubab Sarangi Sarod Sitar Tambura Ukelin Viola d'amore Ten-string...
  3. S

    Sikh News String Of Welfare Measures For Dalits In Punjab (Outlook India)

    The Punjab government today announced a string of measures for the welfare of Dalits on the occasion of celebration of birth anniversary of Guru Valmiki. More...