1. spnadmin

    Helping Children Spiritually Cope With Dying And Death

    Kenneth J. Doka, M.Div., Ph.D. Senior Consultant, Hospice Foundation of America As children encounter illness, loss and grief -- whether their own or someone close to them -- they seek to understand those events and to make sense of their experiences. This inevitably is a spiritual...
  2. nijjharjatt

    The Spiritually Blind Are The Judges

    Admin note: Forum member ji - The thread starter has proffered many distortions of Gurbani, gurmat and Sikh history on this thread. Read with caution. Hi, Here is what you find common among the fanatics:- AMDy kw nwau pwrKU klI kwl ivfwxY ]3] (229-4, gauVI, mhlw 1) The blind man is known...
  3. TeraRoop11

    A Spiritually Informative And Inspiring Blog

    Vaahiguroo Jee Kaa Khaalsaa! Vaahiguroo Jee Kee Fateh! Sangat Jee - here is a link to a blog with some amazing posts. They are all directly related to Sikhi and Guroo Jee's Furmaan, as well as the goals of a Sikh. The posts are wonderfully helpful for those seeking information on specific...