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    India Bank Spends 5 Lakh, 9 Yrs To Deny 9 Lakh For Voluntary Retirement Scheme

    Bank spends 5L, 9 yrs to deny 9L VRS CUnnikrishnan TNN Mumbai: The Central Bank of India spent Rs 5.33 lakh in a 10-year legal battle to avoid paying Rs 9.5 lakh as retirement benefit to an employee on the grounds that she died two days before they cleared her name for the voluntary...
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    Lester Park Church Spends Summer Learning About Other Faiths (Duluth Budgeteer News)

    One Lakeside church is putting a fresh twist on its faith by snuffing out ignorance of other religions. A lack of understanding can breed ignorance and fear, said Rev. David Werner, Lester Park United Methodist Church, about the impact of its summer series, Learning about the Faiths of Our...