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    Book Recommendations By Forum Member Jaspinder Singh

    An excellent steek of Guru Granth Sahib by Dr. Darshan Singh is now available . The steek is an excellent effort on the part of Dr. Darshan Singh who has given his everything to bring out this masterpiece for the Sikhs around the world . This steek is an excellent Translation of complete Guru...
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    General Can You Tell Me If This Thread Is A Spam?

    http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/anand-sahib/14306-sale-xbox-360-cheap-price-150usd.html#post46622 it´s looks in wrong place, and spamming message. :}:-):
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    IBM And Symantec Look To The Sources To Try Slowing Spam (Investor's Business Daily)

    Investor's Business Daily - Some of the latest weapons for the war on junk e-mail are what might be called sender benders. They're ways to identify and filter out spam by focusing on a message's source, not its content...
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    A Classic SPAM Thread

    I'm sure some of you guys have seen this type of thread on other forums, its an either-or game. The thread goes like this: I'll ask an either-or question: say, Vanilla or Chocolate? The next poster will answer either vanilla or chocolate and give a one sentence answer why, ("Chocolate because...