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    A Ritual Slowly Unravels In India

    A Ritual Slowly Unravels In India Alarm Grows as More Sikh Youths Give Up Turbans Amandeep Singh Saini, in white, cut his hair and discarded his turban, the most visible symbol of Sikh identity, at 14. (Rama Lakshmi - The Washington Post) By Rama Lakshmi Washington Post Foreign Service...
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    A Ritual Slowly Unravels In India

    CHANDIGARH, India -- Text messaging with one hand and holding a cup of milky tea in the other, spiky-haired Amandeep Singh Saini, 27, recalled the year-long battle he waged against his traditional Sikh parents to cut his hair. The act was blasphemous to his father, who tied his long hair in a...