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    What Is Ninda Or Nindeya Or Slander?

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Ninda ( ਨਿੰਦਾ ninḏā) or Nindeya are words in Punjabi which mean to slander, slur, backbite or smear and are words used to describe a defamatory or negative statement made about someone. The derogatory account is usually made when the person about whom the venom is being spat...
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    Today's Hukamnama From Sri Darbar Sahib - Re: Slander

    TODAY'S HUKAMNAMA FROM SRI DARBAR SAHIB Sri Amritsar. [November 18, 2009, Wednesday 05:30 AM. IST] tofI mhlw 5 ] inMdku gur ikrpw qy hwitE ] pwrbRhm pRB Bey dieAwlw isv kY bwix isru kwitE ]1] rhwau ] kwlu jwlu jmu joih n swkY sc kw pMQw QwitE ] Kwq Krcq ikCu inKutq nwhI rwm rqnu Dnu...
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    Kirtan Against Injustice And Slander Of The Guru And The Panth

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    Slander Of Dasam Granth? Religious Fanaticism?

    Inder Singh ji has made various allegations that SPN forum members, moderators, and mentors, abetted by SPN admin, have slandered Sri Dasam Granth in the forums sikhawareness and sikhsangat. He has been challenged to debate his stance by forum co-admin aad0002 At this time the thread is closed...
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    General Re: Slander Of Dasam Granth At Sikh Philosophy Network

    To members of Forum member Singh2 has started a thread at entitled Slander of Dasam Granth at SPN. On the thread Singh2 and other members of sikhawareness have made numerous public allegations that various SPN members, moderators and mentors have slandered...
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    as some SPN members know, i've been dealing with a cyber-stalker for a while now. i'm trying to learn how to deal with this in a calm manner. i know that it is a test, that in order for it to stop bothering me i need to shed my ego, my attachment to outside image. recently i found the...