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  1. K

    Controversial Obama To Skip Amritsar In His India Tour

    http://ibnlive.in.com/news/obama-to-skip-amritsar-in-his-india-tour/133313-2.html?from=tn Washington: Barack Obama will not visit Amritsar during his India tour said sources. The US President will only visit Delhi and Mumbai in his November tour. Sources said, security at the Golden Temple is...
  2. spnadmin

    Legal Judge Throws Out Sikh Holy Man Libel Action

    Judge throws out Sikh holy man libel action Judge throws out Sikh holy man libel action - Press Gazette Journalist and broadcaster Hardeep Singh has seen off a libel action brought by an Indian holy man who he claimed was an imposter. His Holiness Sant Baba Jeet Singh Ji Maharaj, who...
  3. K

    World Obama To Skip Tibet While Talking About Human Rights In Asia

    US President Barack Obama [ Images ] would skip the mention of Tibet [ Images ] when he talks about human rights situation in Asia and the countries he is visiting on his maiden Asia trip, a US official has said. "He (Obama) will not mention Tibet (in his speech). He will, of course, mention our...
  4. Archived_Member16

    Sikh News Let's Skip The Hyphen

    http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/editorial/story.html?id=df62b2e0-66a9-4711-b442-ce6c14287bdc&p=2 Let's Skip the Hyphen A Criminal Is a Criminal: VIOLENCE : The appalling death toll in the Lower Mainland among young Indo-Canadian men is not a matter of culture or history Jagdeesh...