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simran naam technique

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    Gur Bin Gyan Nahin

    Gur Fateh to All, I was nervous when 'Bai Ji'(A retired I.A.S. officer) called me to him, never did I knew that he will give me his blessings for naam simran. I used to do simran before also, but, was never unable to keep on for long time or say keep my mind on the track. So, I it is my...
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    Are They Leading Sikhs Away From The Guru?

    Pray Truth for all and say Satsriakaal! Dear all! Some smart preachers suggest an exercise of Naam Simran. They ask to repeat the word 'Wahe' while inhaling and 'Guru' while exhaling. I cannot find an instance where the true Gurus have mentioned this technique. Are these preachers leading...