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    Gurus What's Sikhism's Account Of Creation? - Responding To Challenges To Sikhi

    By Manvir Singh Khalsa Q: The Quran gives a description of the creation of the Earth and Mankind from Adam and Eve. However, Sikhism offers no account of creation. Did the Gurus not know? A: The Sikh explanation of creation is much more detailed and true than the story of Adam and Eve etc...
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    Sikh News NRI Punjabis Try To Instil Sikhism's Belief Among Rural Punhabis NRI Punjabis try to instil Sikhism's belief among rural Punhabis: New Kerala, India - 12 hours ago ... to their village to give them an in depth insight into Sikhism and develop in them a rich cultural...
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    Sikhism's Connection With

    Guru Nanakji said to study all religions as they all contain some truth. I think the relation Sikhism has with Buddhism is the fact that as Buddhism as no God, they seem to be less egotistical by thinking that their way is the true way and that they are God's chosen ones. Therefore for a Sikh...