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sikh turban

  1. Admin

    11 Things You Wanted to Know About My Turban But Were Too Afraid to Ask

    Turbans are a source of mystery — and all too often, terrible misunderstanding — to those who don’t wear them. What do they mean? Why do you wear them? Do you have to do everything in a turban? Well, we’re never shy about asking questions at Mash-Up HQ. And it turns out, when you ask with...
  2. Admin

    Sikhi Why Are Some Sikh Women Now Wearing The Turban?

    The turban is worn by millions of Sikhs - traditionally, mostly male ones. Now many Sikh women are donning it, too. Why? "Doing this has helped me stay grounded and focused on what my responsibilities are as a human being." Devinder is in her early 40s. She's a slender, tall British-Indian...
  3. Admin

    USA Smithsonian Sikh Exhibit Opens In San Antonio

    SAN ANTONIO - For the next seven months, a unique exhibit featuring the history and legacy of the Sikh religion is being featured at the Institute of Texan Cultures, fulfilling a lifelong dream of a local San Antonio businessman who has longed for understanding of his beloved faith. Dr. G.P...
  4. Admin

    Turban Display Uncovers Sikh History

    Turban display uncovers Sikh history An exhibition in Birmingham aims to raise awareness of the history of the turban and its significance for Sikhs British Sikhs' religion requires them to leave their hair uncut, and the turban is the most popular way for men to encase this long hair. But the...
  5. Admin

    Sikhism The Tying Of A Sikh Turban

    YouTube - The Tying of a Sikh Turban
  6. Admin

    Sikh Athletes To Don Turbans At Olympic Games

    Thursday, August 7th, 2008 News Source: www.canada.com as 'celebration of Canada' Cleve Dheensaw, Canwest News Service Published: Wednesday, August 06, 2008 BEIJING - Some Canadians might not agree with the notion of altering or adding to the...
  7. Admin

    Watchdog Backs Motorcyclist In Turban Battle

    Feb 15, 2008 04:30 AM Bob Mitchell Staff Reporter...
  8. drkhalsa

    Sikh Turban N The Swedish Army

    Sikh in the Swedish Army Stockholm , Sweden (KP) - In April 2003, Swedish born Jaspal Singh applied to join the Swedish military defence service at the age of 19 years old, after completing his education. Jaspal Singh is a proud a Sikh with a supportive Gursikh family. He applied to the join...
  9. H

    The Turbaned Sikh

    French Government’s Misunderstanding of the Term ‘Religious Symbols’ Apropos the case filed by certain students in France regarding the controversy about the wearing of ‘patkas’ or turbans or ‘chunnis’, a convincing ‘legal ground’ (argument) may run as under:- With regard to the above...