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sikh prayer

  1. Admin

    Humility, Equality, Human-rights. What Donald Trump Could Learn From Sikh Prayer

    When a lawyer of Sikh-Indian descent offered a Sikh invocation at the Republican National Convention in the United States, the prayer resonated in India, the cradle of the Sikh faith. As is the custom, Harmeet Dhillon covered her head with a silk navy-and-gold scarf when she sang “Tu Thakar Tum...
  2. T

    Ardas In Sikhism

    Ardas is an invocation, supplication, appeal or a humble prayer to Waheguru (God). Sikhs pray to God, with the Guru and Guru Granth Sahib as their witness. Ardas is recited to start and end every Sikh ceremony, or a session of individual or a congregational prayer. In Gurdwaras (the Sikh...
  3. Astroboy

    Kirtan Sohila Video - Line By Line Translation

    YouTube - Kirtan Sohila - Sikh Prayer
  4. N

    Ardaas - The Sikh Prayer

    Ardas - The Sikh Prayer The word Ardās ( ਅਰਦਾਸ ) is derived from Persian word 'Arazdashat', meaning a request, a supplication, a prayer, a petition or an address to a superior authority. It is a Sikh prayers that is a done before performing or after undertaking any significant task; after...