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sikh pagri

  1. Admin

    Turban Display Uncovers Sikh History

    Turban display uncovers Sikh history An exhibition in Birmingham aims to raise awareness of the history of the turban and its significance for Sikhs British Sikhs' religion requires them to leave their hair uncut, and the turban is the most popular way for men to encase this long hair. But the...
  2. Admin

    Sikhism The Tying Of A Sikh Turban

    YouTube - The Tying of a Sikh Turban
  3. drkhalsa

    Sikh Turban N The Swedish Army

    Sikh in the Swedish Army Stockholm , Sweden (KP) - In April 2003, Swedish born Jaspal Singh applied to join the Swedish military defence service at the age of 19 years old, after completing his education. Jaspal Singh is a proud a Sikh with a supportive Gursikh family. He applied to the join...