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    Will A Shadow Cabinet Help The Crumbling BJP?

    Will a shadow cabinet help the crumbling BJP? ]Khushwant Singh Hindustan Times July 24, 2010 Some weeks ago I wrote in this very column a piece entitled ‘Bhajpa’s swabhiman’ saying that when Mohan Bhagwat, head of the RSS, asked Nitin Gadkari who had...
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    World Football In Sun And Shadow (Tehelka)

    MADE OF 18 carat gold, the FIFAWorld Cup represents two human figures holding up the globe. History pages are filled with the feats of emperors and conquistadors; yet when the tale of our age is written, the story of how a round ball conquered the world in a short span of time must evoke wonder...
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    General A Reunion In America Without Bush Shadow

    Pittsburgh, Sept. 24: Although Prime Minister Manmohan Singh may miss his old friend George W. Bush, to whom he professed India's love exactly a year ago in the White House Oval Office, the winds of change sweeping the US have brought happy tidings for Singh and his wife Gursharan Kaur...
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    Arts/Society Punjab Suicides Cast Shadow On Polls

    BBC NEWS | South Asia | Punjab suicides cast shadow on polls Jasbir discovered the body of her father, Sukhbinder Singh, whose photo is held by her mother By Suvojit Bagchi BBC News, Barnala, Punjab Mandip Kaur, a 29-year-old housewife from a farming family in southern...