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  1. Admin

    Islam Islamic Head Scarves ("Hijab") Take Fashion Cues

    Islamic head scarves take fashion cues.Younger, Westernized Muslim women are seeking out trendy styles, with one Orange County student selling designs inspired by Vogue and Elle. But some critics wonder whether the stylish creations defeat the purpose of modesty. Oct. 7, 2010: On one of...
  2. Vikram singh

    Sikh News House Panel Votes To Allow Teachers To Wear Head Scarves, Other Religious Dress

    House panel votes to allow teachers to wear head scarves, other religious dress By Betsy Hammond, The Oregonian February 05, 2010, 5:27PM After more than two hours of charged testimony and debate, the House Education Committee voted 6-4 this afternoon in favor of a bill that would end...