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    Pauri 2 Japji Sahib Translation Of Katha By Sant Maskeen Ji

    How regal is the one who’s command holds so much power?. Guru Nanak Dev Ji states thus.. hukami hovan akar..hukam na kahaya jayee.. The rules of the universe, these are rules of nature, the rules of life itself, in all its forms be it the plant, animal or humans. Science even today despite its...
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    Preamble Japji Sahib Translation Of Sant Maskeen Ji’s Katha : Mool Mantar

    Dear Mods/All, This is my first post on the forum and if this attempt at translation falls short or is seriously lacking in my understanding please feel free to delete this/associated thread(s). If it does seem useful to anyone i shall feel glad for this share and i feel blessed for having had...