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  1. O

    The Doctrine: Manmukh And Gurmukh

    Dear All Humankind's irrational nature is very difficult to explain if you maintain that human intelligence [manmukh] evolved to solve complex problems, where clear, logical thinking should offer the advantage. The doctrine manmukh v gurmukh is to that end, an explanation offering existential...
  2. spnadmin

    Sikh Sangat Where Art Thou? — Finding Good Sangat (from Sanmukh's Blog)

    August 24, 2010 Waheguru Ji, Why do you keep me away from sangat? It always seems that the world has an access to Good Sangat but I am by myself. I struggle to search for you, to meet you but no one reaches out to help me, to encourage me. Why am I so lonely? The path to becoming a Sikh can...
  3. drkhalsa

    Beymukh And Sanmukh

    Dear Khalsa ji following topic recieved as email from one of gursikh living in ambala just thought of sharing with you Ik Oankaar Satnaam Satgur Parsaad Dhan Dhan Gur-Guru-Satgur-Gurbani-Satsangat – Satnaam Kottan Kot Dandaut Parvaan Karna Ji, Seva Parvaan Karna Ji BEYMUKH AND SANMUKH...