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  1. Ishna

    Amrit Sanchar Preparation Course

    If there was an amrit sanchar preparation course, or a pre-amritdhari lifestyle course, what do you think it might contain? Do you think candidates should have some basic (or maybe even not so basic) knowledge of Sikhi before requesting khande di pahul? If so, what would it cover? If there...
  2. J

    Amrit Sanchar UK 2012

    Please can someone help and give me dates when the next Amrit Sanchar will happen in the UK..... I have a Very strong feeling to take the Amrit, and do not wish to pass upon this feeling please help Btw i have and am googling for dates and calling gurdwaras they say it will happen in...
  3. spnadmin

    Amrit Sanchar And The Divine Bridegroom (Everything Explained)

    The Bridal Dressby LAURIE BOLGER To say I'm looking forward to my upcoming "wedding" would be a major understatement. With a hefty dose of God's Grace, and more than a little help from my friends, I'm preparing to take the plunge and become a...
  4. gascosikh

    Amrit Sanchar Ceremony

    Greetings Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh I am new to Sikh faith and wish to take Amrit soon. But I am desperate to find the plain clothes that are appropriate for the ceremony. I am a small female and have simply decided to get a mens white kurta pajama. I don't want to wear...
  5. S

    Amrit Defined. And Amrit Sanchar

    Amrit Defined Amrit is very important in the Sikh faith, and it needs a little more elaboration. It is literally a drink bestowing eternal life: immortality - AMimRqu hir pIvqy sdw iQru QIvqy ibKY bnu PIkw jwinAw ]Amãqu hir pIvqy sdw iQ{ QIvqy ibKY bnu PIkw jwinAw ]Amr;it.u Har-e peevat.ae...
  6. ISDhillon

    How Do You View Amrit Sanchar?

    How do you view amrit sanchar? is it a baptism, a coronation, opening of an account, a covenent with god, a form of intiation, a submission, a ritual, a rebirth, a lifestage, how do you see amrit sanchar? ISDhillon:)