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  1. Admin

    Controversial White House Denies Rumors About Obama And Sikh Temple

    (RNS) The White House has denied reports that President Obama will avoid a Sikh shrine while visiting India next week because the required head covering might have fanned false rumors about his faith. "The decision we made was driven by ... the interests of time, how to best advance our...
  2. spnadmin

    USA U.S. Sikhs Urge Obama To Visit Golden Temple, Despite Rumors (with Comments From The US)

    U.S. Sikhs Urge Obama To Visit Golden Temple, Despite Rumors Fowarded to SPN by member Tejwant Singh ji Malik By Whitney Jones Religion News Service (RNS) American Sikhs are urging President Obama to visit the famed Golden Temple in India next month, despite his administration's...
  3. N

    Silver Surfer Director Rumors (FilmForce)

    Avi Arad addresses the buzz. July 08, 2005 - Marvel Studios honcho Avi Arad has let slip a few tidbits about the identity of the heretofore unnamed director interested in the Silver Surfer movie. "There is a director who should make Silver Surfer ," Arad recently revealed...