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  1. Admin

    Nanak (1469-1536) - India’s Renaissance Reformer That World Never Heard Of

    Guru Nanak was a child prodigy, showing early maturity when questioning his teacher on meaning of life and his priest on meaning of Janeu. A born linguist, he mastered Sanskrit and Arabic, two languages in which the Hindu and Islamic literature was written, the literature that he read in depth...
  2. namjiwankaur

    Sufism Rumi Set To Music By Madonna, Deepak Chopra And Others

    A Gift of Love Rumi set to music by Madonna, Deepak Chopra and Friends http://youtu.be/X-idP23bHCg japposatnamwaheguru:
  3. spnadmin

    Sufism Rumi And The Ocean Of God's Love

    Rumi is justly celebrated as one of the great poets of human history. When I started reading him as an undergraduate 45 years ago, I did not know Persian and relied on the work of R. A. Nicholson, who produced the first critical edition of Rumi's 25,000-verse Mathnawi along with a complete...
  4. Astroboy

    Poetry The Agony And Ecstasy Of Divine Discontent: By Rumi

    The Agony and Ecstasy of Divine Discontent: The Moods of Rumi In the orchard and rose garden I long to see your face. In the taste of Sweetness I long to kiss your lips. In the shadows of passion I long for your love. Oh! Supreme Lover! Let me leave aside my worries. The flowers are...
  5. N

    Islam Mowlana Jalaluddin Rumi 1207-1273 AD

    Reason is powerless in the expression of Love. Love alone is capable of revealing the truth of Love and being a Lover. The way of our prophets is the way of Truth. If you want to live, die in Love; die in Love if you want to remain alive. - Rumi The name Mowlana Jalaluddin Rumi stands for...
  6. N

    Islam Sufi Poet Jallaludin Rumi And The Masnavi

    http://www.sewapanthi.org/htmls/sufi_rumi.html In essence the poetry of Jallaludin Rumi, lovingly termed by his Turkish devotees ‘Mevalana’ (our Lord), is the exquisite poetic painting of the highest states of brahm-gyaan in the finest of imagery. Born into the 13th century, he is often ranked...