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    Sipping Water Used To Wash Feet. Taking Rounds Of Nishan Sahib. Should We?

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh. Whenever I go to the Gurudwara I see lots of people taking a sip of the water where they wash their feet(taking it as a sip of amrit)....then they also do matha tek to the nishan sahib, and take a round around it and again do matha tek to it....well...
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    Four Rounds Of Marriage-Union Of Atma And ParmAtma

    Four Rounds Of Marriage: Union of Atma and Parmatma Dhan Guru Ram Das Ji Maharaj Ji explains the marriage of the Soul (Atma) and God (Parmatma) in a very beautiful manner. He states this merge in four steps/stages(rounds) - Laavan. He describes each and every step very beautifully. Sikhs...