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  1. spnadmin

    Judaism The Confounding, All-Penetrating And Revolutionary Voice Of God

    Arnold M. Eisen Chancellor, The Jewish Theological Seminary The Confounding, All-Penetrating and Revolutionary Voice of God The covenant ceremony at Sinai is the pivot on which the rest of Torah turns. Everything that precedes Sinai in the Torah's narrative leads up to it. Everything...
  2. Admin

    Recalling Evolution Of A Revolutionary Past

    Recalling evolution of a revolutionary past By Majid Sheikh <!--Author END--> <!--Date Start--> Teh Dawn, Sunday, 15 Aug, 2010 <!--Date End--> On the 23rd of March every year we celebrate the day we decided to create “a...
  3. TeraRoop11

    General Reet Khalse Di - A Revolutionary Step In The World Of Theatre!

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsaaa Waheguru Ji Ki Fatehh Fremont, CA - A group of 14 kids are busy with a theatre workshop that will materialize into a play. Theatre is the most powerful medium that finishes an unfinished form live in front of the audiences and these kids are making the most of this art...