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    World Silbo Gomero: Ancient Whistling Language Revived

    Silbo gomero: A whistling language revived By Laura Plitt See Video too On a Spanish island, an ancient whistling language that once seemed to be dying out is now undergoing a revival. The night has not yet fallen in La Gomera, one of the smallest...
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    Opinion The Concept Of Guru Granth/Guru Panth Should Be Revived

    The Concept of Guru Granth/Guru Panth Should be Revived Mewa Singh (U.S.A.) Sharomani Gurdawawara Parbandhik Committee (SGPC) has asked the central amend Sikh Gurdawaras act to enable it to co-opt few persons from foreign countries.There is no likelihood for the acceptance of such a...
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    Buddhism Sihala Urumaya To Be Revived (Daily News)

    The Sihala Urumaya is to be revived as a party with a separate identity to Contest all future elections.*http%3A//