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    General Hello? Jathedars Require SGPC Approval To Form Sikh Organizations. Nanakshahi Calendar, Patna Sahib

    Meeting of Jathedars: SGPC approval must to form Sikh organizations; No decision on Nanakshahi Calendar, Patna Sahib Clash By Parmjit Singh...
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    Why Does Lord Require This

    auTu PrIdw aujU swij subh invwj gujwir ] (1381-13, slok, syK PrId jI) Rise up, Fareed, and cleanse yourself; chant your morning prayer. jo isru sWeI nw invY so isru kip auqwir ]71] (1381-13, slok, syK PrId jI) The head which does not bow to the Lord - chop off and remove that head. ||71|| jo...
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    Paganism Does Paganism Require A Belief In Divinity?

    Taken from other resourse from internet...