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    Palliative Pain Management: When Both Pain And Suffering Hurt (RedNova)

    Abstract / Patients with advanced cancer frequently experience intractable pain without sufficient response to a conventional pharmacological approach. One reason for refractory pain at the end of life can be the bidirectional nature of pain and suffering...
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    Hinduism The Living God In Cosmic Perspective (RedNova)

    At the start of this third millennium, a new awareness of the magnificence and uniqueness of Earth as a planet hosting one intertwined community of life is growing among peoples everywhere...
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    Marriage Satisfaction And Wellness In India And The United States: A Preliminary Comparison Of Arran

    Forty-five individuals (22 couples and 1 widowed person) living in arranged marriages in India completed questionnaires measuring marital satisfaction and wellness. The data were compared with existing data on individuals in the United States living in marriages of choice...
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    Holding Patterns (RedNova)

    Marion Rosen has spent her life accessing the unconscious through delicate touch Marion Rosen knew what she wanted to do from the time she was 22, but she had to be patient. Before she left Nazi Germany, a Munich woman trained her in an experimental healing technique...