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  1. K

    Making Sense Of Ravidasis: The Caste System In Punjab

    http://www.insafbulletin.net/archives/604 MAKING SENSE OF RAVIDASIS: THE CASTE SYSTEM IN PUNJAB S. Jodhka This long, informative and well-researched article analyzes the caste structure among Sikhs in Punjab and attempts by the Sikh Dalits to address caste oppression...
  2. spnadmin

    Sects Ravidasis, Jats Clash Over Placing New Religious Book In Temple

    There was tension in the Manan village since Monday morning and a small skirmish between the Ravidasi and the Jat Sikh communities over placing the Ravidasi’s new granth Amrit Bani Guru Ravidas, a portrait of their guru Ravidas and the new religion’s symbol Nishan Sahib in the main hall of...