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  1. Rory

    Rastafari - A Few Short Thoughts!

    Not much to be discussed here, just thought I'd point out some obvious commonalities! Sikhs & Rastas both appreciate the symbolic power of lions, for starters! Both religions require unshorn hair, viewing the growth of hair as an important symbol of obedience to God; this has got me...
  2. findingmyway

    Opinion Dreadlocks, Turbans, And Rollercoaster Racism

    Living in Brooklyn, New York City as a turban-wearing Sikh, I attract plenty of negative attention from random strangers as well as the cops, which I’ve written about at length. Fortunately, I also get some love and respect from time to time as I walk or ride my bike in my neighborhood in...
  3. G

    Boboshanti Rastafari

    YouTube - Documental Rastafari - La Orden Boboshanti i just found it interesting that they keep kesh, the wear dastars, and rise in amrit wela...