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  1. spnadmin

    Raag Ramkali: Touchstone Of New Panthic Controversy?

    Can it be true that Raag Ramkali has become the eye of a cyclone of controversy? This shabad was written by Baba Sundar, the grandson of Guru Amar Das ji, around the time of the pending death of the 3rd Guru. More information about the controversy later. Let' s first take a look at the...
  2. H

    Ramkali Mehela 3 English Kathaa

    rwmklI mhlw 3 Anµdu (917) Raamkalee, Third Mehl, Anand ~ The Song Of Bliss: Bibi Har Simrat Kaur Khalsa Gurbani Parchar Mission of USA (510) 432-5827 harsimiritkaur@khalsa.com <> siqgur pRswid ] One Universal Creator God. By The Grace of The True Guru: Anµdu BieAw myrI...
  3. H

    Ramkali Mahala 3 - Short Version Shudh Paath

    Note that the green character represent invisible nazal sounds or bindees, like sasa with bindee is sha sha, the red represent silent characters, green siharee means it should be pronounced. I published this with the help of Giani Avtar Singh Missionary. Anµdu BieAw myrI mwey siqgurU mY pwieAw...
  4. N

    Guru Arjan Dev Ji's Ramkali Hymn

    by Dr. Pashaura Singh One of the main issues that has drawn scholarly attention in Kartarpur-Banno debate is related to a hymn by Guru Arjan in Ramakali mode. A single couplet stands recorded in the version of the Adi Granth after chhant 4, before Guru composition on the six seasons (ruti)...