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  1. Admin

    Bhai Samund Singh Hazuri Raagi (1900-1972)

    ☀︎ Official Website: https://samundsagar.com - Samund Sagar Bhai Samund Singh Hazuri Raagi Heavenly Minstrel by HARJAP SINGH AUJLA "So kyon visre meri maye" was a Shabad being rendered on radio in a highly emotional tone and texture by an unheard of but...
  2. A

    Who Wants To Become A Raagi?

    Pray Truth for all and say Satsriakal! Dear all! The reverent Gurus asked mind to become BairAgee (without rAg). They also confirmed that a rAgee does not, please God. Surprise. They are training Sikhs to become rAgees these days. Please explain it. Why? Balbir Singh