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  1. Admin

    Narayanan Krishnan - Bhagat Puran Singh Of Madurai, Tamil Nadu

    New Delhi: If you had not heard of Narayanan Krishnan, as I had not, it is a collective failure. This is one of the most incredible stories of personal commitment. Narayanan Krishnan, all of 29 years old now, does what he was professionally trained to do as a chef. Feed...
  2. Admin

    Asha Devi - An Article By Bhagat Puran Singh Ji

    "Asha Devi" An article by Bhagat Puran Singh In 1948 my dwelling was located inside the boundary of the railway station. There is a Pipal tree on the road in front of the Railway post office; there is also a footpath along the road. This is where I spent a couple of months. At this place we...
  3. spnadmin

    Sikhism Garland Around My Neck - A Book About Bhagat Puran Singh And Piara

    Garland Around My Neck: The Story of Bhagat Puran Singh & Piara <small>A Book Review by ANGAD SINGH</small> <!-- <small>January 23rd, 2009</small>--> Garland Around My Neck: The Story of Puran Singh of Pingalwara, by Patwant Singh and Harinder Kaur...
  4. Dr. D. P. Singh

    Sikhism Professor Puran Singh Scientist, Poet And Philosopher By Hardev Singh Virk

    Professor Puran Singh Scientist, Poet and Philosopher By Hardev Singh Virk Published by Tarlochan Publishers, Chandigarh Pages 112, Price: Rs. 120 A Review by Dr. D. P. Singh* Professor Puran Singh, a unique synthesis of a poet, philosopher and scientist rose like a celestial star on...
  5. Admin

    The Saint Of Pingalwara - Bhagat Puran Singh

    The Saint of Pingalwara Bhagat Puran Singh At Pingalwara, in Amritsar and elsewhere in the area, the wondrous legacy of Bhagat Puran Singh lives on. We share some first-person accounts of this multi-dimensional personality, one of the true saints of our times. As Professor Pritam Singh of...
  6. S

    Sikh News Padma Shri Brings Agony To Puran Chand Wadali

    ... him. First he refused to believe it, then he broke into tears. This reminds us of the Singh brothers who render Gurbani. In their ... http://www.tribuneindia.com/2005/20050128/main5.htm
  7. Tejwant Singh

    Professor Puran Singh: Scientist, Poet And Philosopher

    Professor Puran Singh: Scientist, Poet and Philosopher Dr H.S.Virk Puran Singh was born on 17 February 1881 in a small village, Salhad, District Abbotabad, now in Pakistan. After passing his F.A. examination in 1899 from DAV College, Lahore, he sailed for Japan in 1900 and joined as a...
  8. N

    Bhagat Puran Singh

    About Bhagat Puran Singh? Bhagat Puran Singh Ji is undoubtedly the single Sikh Hero of this century who worked totally selflessly all his life to provide the last hope to the mentally and terminally ill patients. Whenever he use to see a deserted dead body (human or animal) immediately he would...
  9. P

    Professor Puran Singh Ji (1881-1931)

    PROFESSOR PURAN SINGH, poet and scientist, was born on 17 February 1881 at Sarhadd (Abottabad) in a Khatri family (father: Kartair Singh; mother; Parma Devi). His father worked in the revenue department at Salhadd, though their ancestral home was in the village of Dera Kalsa in Rawalpindi...