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  1. G

    Devanagari As A Writing System For Punjabi: Plus Or Minus For Punjabi?

    Recently I read in a chapter in book published by Cambridge University Press titled "language in South Asia" , quote"Sikhs often write Punjabi in Gurmukhi, Hindus in Devanagri and Muslims in perso-Arabic ."unquote . Earlier author Tej K. Bhatia,who has written this chapter about punjabi language...
  2. spnadmin

    Sikh News Indian Media Propagating Against Sikhs And Sikh Struggle

    Indian media propagating against Sikhs and Sikh struggle <!-- Taran --> By Baljeet Singh Indian media propagating against Sikhs and Sikh struggle|SikhSiyasat.net – Sikh News and Multimedia. Ludhiana (April 15, 2010): Two young Hindus...