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  1. spnadmin

    Supernatural The Truth IS Out There: British Scientists Claim To Have Found Proof Of Alien Life

    The truth IS out there: British scientists claim to have found proof of alien life Life on Mars? No, say scientists, it’s floating 27km above Tom Mendelsohn...
  2. spnadmin

    Atheism Albert Einstein And The Scientific Proof Of 'God'

    Richard Greene Former attorney, host of "Hollywood CLOUT", Author As we leave the season when many have celebrated the birth of "The son of G_d", perhaps we might momentarily stop our shopping mall worship ceremonies and ask if "G_d" exists and, if so, who or what he/she/it is. I...
  3. spnadmin

    Canada Conservatives & Liberals Ignore Demand For Proof Of Canadian Sikh Extremism

    OTTAWA, ONTARIO -- 07/21/10 -- The Word Sikh Organization of Canada is disappointed that both Stephen Harper's government and Michael Ignatieff's Opposition Liberals have failed to provide proof of the so-called Sikh extremism they claim is on the rise in Canada. The WSO, a human rights...
  4. spnadmin

    The Burden Of Proof: How Atheism Has Adopted A Worldview That Science Never Intended

    The Burden of Proof: How Atheism Has Adopted a Worldview That Science Never Intended "The human mind is not capable of grasping the Universe. We are like a little child entering a huge library. The walls are covered to the ceilings with books in many different tongues...
  5. spnadmin

    SciTech Archaeologist Sees Proof For Bible In Ancient Wall

    Archaeologist sees proof for Bible in ancient wall Archaeologist sees proof for Bible in ancient wall - Yahoo! News JERUSALEM – An Israeli archaeologist said Monday that ancient fortifications recently excavated in Jerusalem date back 3,000 years to the time of King Solomon and support the...
  6. Admin

    Why Sikhs Don't Even Need Bullet Proof Turbans

    By Hardeep Singh When I first came across the bizarre story about Sikh police officers hoping to develop a bullet proof turban it reminded me of a sketch from Only Fools and Horses. In this sketch Del wisecracks about a Dr. Singh not wearing a crash helmet because of his huge turban. Del’s...
  7. K

    Proof? Evidence? Logic? Blind Faith?

    Just wondering dont meant to offend anyone here, but as we all know that there are many religions out there, how do you know your are one right one? Do you have any proof? Any evidence? Any way I find this very interesting, check it out! YouTube - Yusuf Estes - Science proves Quran is from...
  8. D

    Who Really Knows If There Is A God. Nobody Has Physical Proof

    I Love God and everything but still i can't hide that little question in the back of my mind that i Know everyone has thought before..Is God real? I mean does anyone have any real proof anyone could have written the bible...I have never felt god's presence...and surviving something or living...
  9. N

    Burden Of Proof ?

    If there is a disagreement, on whom does the burden of proof lie? For example, if two people are arguing over the existence of God, how is it determined who needs to prove their position?