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  1. spnadmin

    USA US Congress Panel Passes Bill To Probe Racial Profiling

    US Congress panel passes bill to probe racial profiling http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/nri/us-canada-news/US-Congress-panel-passes-bill-to-probe-racial-profiling/articleshow/20239072.cms WASHINGTON: A key US Congressional panel has passed a legislative amendment that calls for...
  2. findingmyway

    United Sikhs Join Us To End Racial Profiling!

    Join us as we unite with individuals & organizations around the nation to take a stand against racial profiling. Click here to send a letter to your Senators to urge them to co-sponsor and support the...
  3. spnadmin

    USA Maryland Kirpan Arrest Raises Questions Of Profiling

    By Anju Kaur, SikhNN staff writer, Washington Bureau Harpreet Singh Khalsa, a newly converted Sikh, stopped at a Maryland 7-Eleven convenience late one night in January when a police officer noticed him. The officer followed him into to the store because he was wearing a dastaar and...
  4. spnadmin

    Sikh Coalition Sikh Testifies Before The US Congress On Racial Profiling Issue (Sikh Coalition Text)

    Sikh testifies before the US Congress on Racial Profiling issue June 25, 2010 by Sikh Coalition Newsletter (Washington, DC) June 23, 2010- "[I]t is my humble submission today that the use by law enforcement of classifications based on race, national origin, religion, or ethnicity has...
  5. spnadmin

    Sikh Coalition Sikh Coalition Testifies Before US Congress On Racial Profiling (Video)

    YouTube - Sikh Coalition Testifies Before Congress
  6. spnadmin

    Legal Sikhs, Muslims Seek And End To Racial Profiling

    Sikhs, Muslims seek end to racial profiling 2010-06-18 19:30:00 Sikh, Muslim and African-American groups have related stories of being racially profiled across the US to lawmakers as...
  7. Tejwant Singh

    United Sikhs DHS Scraps Nationality Based Profiling In Screening Policy

    DHS Scraps Nationality Based Profiling In Screening Policy UNITED SIKHS Applauds the Step; Concerns Remain on Continued Profiling of Sikhs April 2, 2010, Washington, D.C.: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced new measures to strengthen aviation security. These new...
  8. spnadmin

    Legal Implications Of Registering, Tracking, Profiling

    Implications of registering, tracking, profiling The Hindu : Opinion / Lead : Implications of registering, tracking, profiling Usha Ramanathan Data collection, including fingerprinting, for the National Population Register has been launched alongside the 2011 Census exercise and under...
  9. spnadmin

    SALDEF SALDEF Questions Texas Congressman Who Calls Racial Profiling "Common Sense"

    Texas Congressman Calls Racial Profiling "Common Sense" On March 4th, during a Congressional hearing reviewing the Transportation Security Administration's 2011 Fiscal Year budget, Representative John Culberson, R-Texas, 7th District (Houston), demanded to know why the US Government...
  10. S

    Sikh News Sikh Coalition Opposes New TSA Turban Profiling Policy (PR Newswire Via Yahoo! News)

    The Sikh Coalition, the nation's largest Sikh civil rights organization, strongly opposes new headwear screening procedures put in place by the Transportation Security Administration on August 4, 2007. TSA officials told the Sikh Coalition that the new Standard Operating Procedure includes a...
  11. P

    Sikh News Republican Calls For Profiling By Turban

    Republican Calls for Profiling by Turban EDITORIAL [This editorial was one of the very few news items reprimanding Nelson for his comment. However, even this piece fails to clarify that a turban-wearing gentleman at an American airport is most likely to be a Sikh, not a Muslim. Although...
  12. Admin

    Sikh News Sikh Says No Citizen Safe From Profiling (San Antonio Express News)

    Sikh says no citizen safe from profiling (San Antonio Express News) http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/search/sikh/SIG=14jjvgepe/*http%3A//www.mysanantonio.com/perl/common/rssredir.pl?page=http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/metro/stories/MYSA042906.1R.civil.rights.24d547b.html Array Sat, 29...
  13. D

    Racial Profiling Of Our Universal Religion

    RACIAL PROFILING OF OUR UNIVERSAL RELIGION Dr Sukhraj S Dhillon, PhD Cary, NC, USA *********************************** In spite of our claim of sikhism as a peace loving universal religion, we have faced problems varying from simple harassment to as serious as murders of fellow sikhs...