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    Sikh News Punjab Minister For Agressive Marketing Of Verka Products (New Kerala)

    Chandigarh, Sep 15 : Punjab Co-operation Minister Capt Kanwaljit Singh today emphasised on the systematic and aggressive procurement of milk and marketing of Verka milk and milk products in accordance with the emerging market trends. More...
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    Sikh News Burgers, Pizzas Make Way For Milk-processed Products In Punjab (ANI Via Yahoo! India

    By Sunil Sharma Chandigarh, Aug 24 (ANI): Burgers, pizzas and sandwiches are making way for milk-processed products in Punjab, which is experiencing a boom. The Moudgil family of Chandigarh has taken a fancy to milk processed products like cheese and butter. They are among the many families in...
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    Sikh News Punjab, A Rapidly Growing Market For International Beauty Products (ANI Via

    By Ashwini Kaushal Chandigarh, June 7 (ANI): Punjab has truly found its place on the nternational beauty map,where on the one hand, models and beauty ueens from the State- Priyanka Chopra, Mehar Bhasin and others - ave made their names in international beauty pageants, while on he...
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    Firms Paid TV's Tech Gurus To Promote Their Products (washingtonpost.com)

    washingtonpost.com - Corey Greenberg, tech editor for NBC's "Today" show, appeared last July to praise Apple's iPod as "a great portable musical player . . . the coolest-looking one" and suggested a compatible device to "share your music with other people." "This is the way to go," he declared...