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  1. spnadmin

    Heritage Rare Guru Granth Sahib Manuscripts Need Preservation, Says Dr. Mohinder Singh

    Rare Guru Granth Sahib manuscripts need preservation says Dr Mohinder Singh http://www.sikhnugget.com/2013/09/rare-guru-granth-sahib-manuscripts-need.html AMRITSAR:The rare manuscripts, documents and `Pothis’ relating compilation of Guru Granth Sahib, which are scattered in whole of India...
  2. spnadmin

    Heritage Preservation Woes: French Officer's Monument In Shambles

    HARIPUR: The obelisk of Colonel Canara, a Frenchman by origin, stands forgotten in Zafar Park of Haripur. The monument presents the picture of neglect by the archaeological department responsible for the maintenance of historical sites. No steps have been taken for the preservation of the...
  3. H

    Promotion And Preservation Of Gurmukhi Script

    Sat sri akal, I am a student at a reputed design institute in New Delhi, INDIA. As a part of my course I am supposed to do a project on any design related topic or issue. I considered this as an opportunity to study gurmukhi: my mother tongue. My area of focus is the preservation and promotion...
  4. B

    Why Bother?

    Hello all, Sat Sri Akal! If any responses, do not be formal please. I have been thinking and contemplating, about why we get bothered about the dissolution of our culture and Sikh way of life and traditions? If you all will not, who will be bothered? Many who post on this site are from...