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  1. Admin

    Sikhi(sm) - A Presentation by Tejwant Singh Malik 2015-06-20

    Follow this link to discuss the resource: http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/threads/sikhi-sm-a-presentation-by-tejwant-singh-malik.44889/
  2. Admin

    A Visual Presentation On Navigating SPN Forums More Efficiently

    Please follow the link: http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/view.php?pg=forum-navigation-help All the Best!
  3. spnadmin

    World War 1 Sikh Soliders In France (You Can Download This PowerPoint Presentation)

    Power Point Presentation on Sikh Soldiers in France (by United Sikhs) http://www.asht.info/events/1219/battlefield-tour-2010.html "Throughout its service in France the magnificent Sikh regiment never failed to answer all calls. Its reputation would be secure and its right to fight...
  4. BhagatSingh

    Atheism Good Reasons For "Believing" In God - A Presentation By Dan Dennett For Intellectuals

    If you don't consider yourself an intellectual then don't watch this. I say this because it will be hard to understand and the presenter, Dan Dennett, will come off as arrogant. I found myself just WOWing at many parts of it. This presentation was just fantastic, it explains a lot!! :D He uses...
  5. spnadmin

    World Image Of A Global Village (A PowerPoint Slide Presentation)

    See the attached. Forwarded by forum member Tejwant Singh ji Malik
  6. Astroboy

    Barah Maah Maajh M.5 Powerpoint Presentation

  7. Astroboy

    Sukhmani Sahib - Video Presentation

    YouTube - Sukhmani Sahib - Sikh Prayer Part 1 YouTube - Sukhmani Sahib - Sikh Prayer Part 2
  8. A

    Gurmat Presentations

    Download free Powerpoint Presentations on Gurmat and Drug Abuse http://ggssc.net/download.php?exp=377&category=Gurmat
  9. S

    Gurus A Presentation About Ten Gurus

    Know more about Ten Gurus by watching this presentation made by me... Download the presentation by clicking on the link below: http://www.4shared.com/file/828016/f050a83a/BASIC_FACTS_TEN_GURUS.html Don't forget to mail me about comments and suggestions regarding the presentation through the...