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  1. A

    Did Guru Nanak Accurately Predict The Mughal Invasion?

    on pages 722 and 723 of SGGS, it is written that: ਆਵਨਿ ਅਠਤਰੈ ਜਾਨਿ ਸਤਾਨਵੈ ਹੋਰ ਭੀ ਉਠਸੀ ਮਰਦ ਕਾ ਚੇਲਾ ॥ आवनि अठतरै जानि सतानवै होरढ़ भी उठसी मरद का चेला ॥ Āvan aṯẖ▫ṯarai jĝn saṯĝnvai hor bẖī uṯẖsī maraḝ kĝ cẖelĝ. Coming in seventy-eight (1521 A.D.), they will depart in ninety-seven (1540 A.D.), and...
  2. Sikhi 24/7

    Genes Help Predict Sickle Cell Stroke Risk

    Title: Genes Help Predict Sickle Cell Stroke RiskCategory: Health NewsCreated: 3/22/05 1:59:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 3/22/05 1:58:44 AM http://www.medicinenet.com/guide.asp?s=rss&k=DailyHealth&a=46331