1. Tejwant Singh

    World Polish Exports Of Meat For Jews, Muslims In Limbo

    Polish exports of meat for Jews, Muslims in limbo By VANESSA GERA | Associated Press – 6 hrs ago WARSAW, Poland (AP) — For some, it was a barbaric way to treat animals. For others, it was great business. Until January, slaughterhouses across Poland — a deeply Catholic nation — were the...
  2. Admin

    Harassment Of Sikhs At Polish Airports

    September 6, 2010: PRESENT POSITION — Last month the NSO has received the following terse plea from Shaminder Puri, a Gursikh Scientist, Secretary General of an international science organisation[1] and working as the UNESCO and the EU’s environmental policy Expert in Poland & Eastern...
  3. S

    No Path To Rome Too Steep For These Polish Pilgrims (washingtonpost.com)

    washingtonpost.com - KLAGENFURT, Austria, April 5 -- Thirteen hours into the ride, the bus's engine gave out, strained by the long nighttime haul up a winding Alpine road. The lights went out. Spirits dimmed among the 45 Polish pilgrims aboard, but they knew what to do. As the driver tinkered...