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  1. Admin

    Poker Faced Personalities

    We all have a masked identity. We are never ready to show our real visage to anybody around us. Never are we honest to ourselves, let alone being to anybody else. Often we try to be someone else. And in this impersonation we tend to lose our originality. The real essence lies in being just...
  2. S

    Guru Ji Pictured Playing Poker!

    I saw this website on a forum, where it protraits Guru Nanak Dev Ji playing poker - disgusting! Link:http://www.pokerguru.com/
  3. N

    Kaleidoscope Of Players Vie For Final Table At World Series Of Poker (Canada.com)

    LAS VEGAS (AP) - Tiffany Williamson drags deeply on the last inch of her cigarette on the way into the poker room, crushes the butt into an ashtray and sits down to business as if she were showing up for work in her law office - only now she is calmly arranging multicoloured stacks of $1.99...