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  1. Harry Haller

    3 Pillars Of Sikhism-name Them

    Gurfatehji Wikki states that the three pillars of Sikhism are as follows:- The Three Pillars of Sikhism were formalised by Guru Nanak as: 1 The Guru led the Sikhs directly to practise Simran and Naam Japna—meditation on God and reciting and chanting of God’s Name—Waheguru. The Sikh...
  2. V

    Re: Pillars Of The Sikh Faith

    NAAM, DAN, ISHNAN/ਨਾਮੁ ਦਾਨੁ ਇਸਨਾਨੁ ABSTRACT Sikh Gurus emphasized three religious practices as a way of life in Sikh congregational gatherings of the time, Naam (remembering God's Name for internal purity), Dan (contributing to the community), and Ishnan (bathing in a sacred tank/sarovar for...
  3. Admin

    Pillars Of The Sikh Faith

    Pillars of the Sikh Faith The first thing that came into my mind was the 3 pillars of the Sikh faith Just a few days ago, one evening my son suggested that we should go to the park just opposite my house to play basketball. My son and I were using one side of the court and on the other side; a...