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    Sikh News Sikh Dispute Has Ended, Lawyers Say (

    A bitter dispute over a Sikh temple in Springfield is over, an attorney involved in resolving the disagreement said. More...
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    Sikh News Attorney Says Accord Near On Reopening Sikh Temple In Springfield (

    A Sikh temple in Springfield where a massive brawl broke out last month could reopen as early as next week if two factions seeking control of temple leadership agree to share the building, a court-appointed attorney said yesterday...
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    Sikh News Lawyer Takes Interim Lead At Sikh Temple (

    A Sikh temple in Springfield that was the site of a massive brawl last week will remain closed for at least two more weeks while a court-appointed attorney devises a security plan to prevent further violence...
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    Sikh News Five Injured During Disturbance At Sikh House Of Worship (

    Five people were injured during a disturbance that broke out last night at a Sikh house of worship on Old York Road, according to police Chief Kenneth Gerber.*http%3A//
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    Sikh News Two Charged In Springfield Stabbings (

    Authorities have charged two men with aggravated assault in connection with a fight that broke out at a Sikh temple Friday night and left five people injured.*http%3A//