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  1. spnadmin

    Everyone Loves A Parade, Parbhaat Pheri, Jaloos, Nagar Kirtan

    Everyone Loves a Parade ... Parbhaat Pheri, Jaloos, Nagar Kirtan by I.J. SINGH A good friend who is a very dedicated Sikh was telling me about their gurdwara, somewhere in Middle America. Gurdwaras exist for many reasons, but the major one is...
  2. M

    Questions On Jaikara - Khanda Sahib - Prabhat Pheri

    Few question are coming in to my mind plz try to answer them 1. Why there is no jaikara @ Darbar sahib after Ardas? 2. Who has desiged KHANDA? 3. Is there any history about prabhat pheri, why we alwayz do prabhat pheri of Guru Nanak Dev ji & guru Gobind singh ji Not of any other? thx