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  1. Archived_Member16

    UK Persecuted Minorities Of India Make Their Voices Heard In The British Parliament

    Persecuted Minorities of India Make Their Voices Heard In The British Parliament House of Commons Debate on The Death Penalty and Human Rights Violations in India By: Gurpreet Kaur, Sikh24 LONDON, UK (March 1, 2013)–The Kesri Lehar petition asking for the Abolition of the Death...
  2. Admin

    Islam Dara Shikoh: Still Persecuted

    History’s false and biased version has fully been exploited for the ulterior motive of strengthening the elite’s hold over all facets of life and implementing their version of Islam. To add to the woes, this distorted history has been made the staple diet of all students since 1947 History...
  3. spnadmin

    Persecuted By All (Plight Of Religious Minorities In Pakistan)

    Persecuted by All (Plight of Religious Minorities in Pakistan) DAWN.COM | Columnists | Persecuted by all At least one of three Sikhs who were abducted for ransom about a month ago by the Pakistani Taliban was killed on Sunday, Feb 21. The murdered man, Jaspal Singh, and his fellow...
  4. S

    Christians Persecuted In Orrisa Province, India

    Are there any Sikhs who can help deliver the Christians in Orrisa Province, India, from the terrible persecution that is now underway in the midst of Hindu persecution? Christian believers have been asked to renounce their faith in Jesus Christ and become Hindu instead. When they replied they...