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    Sikh News Punjab Targets 25 Per Cent Growth In VAT Collection (PTI Via Yahoo! India News)

    Chandigarh, Aug 10 (PTI) The Punjab Government is targeting to achieve 25 per cent plus annual growth in VAT collection from the existing rate of 10. More...
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    Sikh News Wheat Prices Shot Up By Rs 35 Per Quintal In Punjab (The Economic Times)

    LUDHIANA: The wheat prices in Punjab have shot up by Rs 35 per quintal to Rs 930 per quintal within a week's time as state flour mills has accelerated their buying following strong demand for bakery products. More...
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    Important Question On Creation As Per Gurbani

    Gurfateh Das is interested to know the exact verse and page number in gurbani which states like following(it may not be correct but similar). Jorh Torh phir Jorh. Make,Break and again make. Das request Gyani Sahib,Amarpal SinghJi, Balbeer Singh Ji, Dr Khalsa Ji among others to kindly...
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    What Is Difference Between Guru And Parmeshwar As Per Gurbani

    sat sri akal ji, I have one doubt about difference between guru and parmeshwar as per gurbani . doubt is because as i understand that what 1 guru said can never be contradicted by any other guru ( guru in other mahala). but i have two shabad's which do confuse me some what. first...
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    True Meanings Of "Guru" As Per Gurbani

    Please discuss Gurbani makes understand about the True meanings of "Guru". Please be specific and provide relevant references. Thanks