1. drdpsn

    Creation Of The Universe As Expounded In Guru Nanak's Hymns (Part-II)

    Creation of the Universe as Expounded in Guru Nanak’s Hymns (Part-II) Dr. D. P. Singh* Vastness of Universe: The Sun, the Earth, the Moon, the stars, the satellites and the galaxies etc. form our universe. A wreath like arch of stars, stretching across the sky is the Milky Way. It is a part of...
  2. S

    PART-II Liberation/Mukti/salvation

    I shall be posting the materail in parts as and when it is ready.
  3. D

    A Spiritual Dialogue Exposing The Truth In Spiritual Path – Part-II

    Prasad: Swami! I have a small doubt in this matter, please answer me. When you expose the total truth, the beginners will be certainly discouraged. Swami: Your assumption is correct and there is no doubt in your doubt. But don’t you see another possibility in your proposed point? The person...