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  1. R

    What Exactly Is The Purpose Of Prashad?

    Anyone know about the origins of Prashad, and the purpose of preparing and distributing it?
  2. linzer

    India Beadbi Of Karah Parshad On "Bani Serial"

    This was posted to my Facebook. Not that I'm advocating freedom of supress but doesn't India have laws against hurting religeous sentiment? http://www.frequency.com/video/beadbi-of-karah-parshad-on-bani-serial/133926517
  3. TigerStyleZ

    Kara Parshad Prepared Is A Ritual?

    Recently I had a thought on Kara Parshad - and the preparing of it . Here is a short summarise: According to the religion, Karah Prasad should be prepared in the following method: Place for preparation must be swept and plastered. Cooking vessels must be scoured and...
  4. findingmyway

    Origins Of Kara Prasad

    Where did karah parshad originate from? What was it's original function? What are the meanings of the ingredients? Why do some people use suji but others dont? Is 'blessed food' an incorrect translation? :yum: Thanks for educating me
  5. Charan

    Alcohol As Parshad?

    YouTube - BABA KAHAN DASS - Kala Sangha "KALA SANGHIAN: This village is situated 13 Kilomaters East of Kapurthala City and is close to Jalandhar. This village is very famous for its attachment with Sixth Guru Shri HarGobind Ji & Baba Kan Dass Ji Maharaj. It is said that Sixth Guru, Shri...
  6. Sherab

    Making Karah Parshad

    can anyone comment on the karah parshad i made in this link? TY. PS. i don't think i added enough water. http://i160.photobucket.com/albums/t200/Sherab000/P1021359.jpg
  7. Arvind

    Parshad - The Mystical Communion?

    Taken from another internet site Parshad - The Mystical Communion? by Dr I.J.Singh Some years ago I escorted a young non-Sikh woman to a Sikh religious service. Although born a Christian, she was fond of Eastern religions, and had some knowledge of India and Hinduism. The basic Sikh...
  8. C

    Karah Parshad

    Q. What is Karah Parshad? Is it bless by Waheguru or Guru Granth Sahib Ji? A. Karah Parshad is a warm sweet [yummy] pudding distributed to ALL that visit a Gurdwara. It consists of the following in equal parts: Butter, Sugar, Flour The significance of it is: Sweetness - The sugar shows the...