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    Sects Who Was The Guru Of Param Sant Tulsi Sahib Hathras?

    who was the guru of param sant tulsi sahib hathras ??this question is so important as now days ever seeker of true ssprituality waana know dis....
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    Subedar Joginder Singh, Param Veer Chakar

    Subedar Joginder Singh, was born on 26 September 1921, in Faridkot, Punjab. On 28 September 1936, he was enrolled in the 1 Sikh Regiment. During the 1962 Indo-China War, Subedar Joginder Singh commanded a platoon in the Tawang sector of NEFA (North East Frontier Agency). While holding a...
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    Lance Naik Karam Singh, Param Veer Chakar

    Lance Naik Karam Singh was born on 15 September 1915, in Barnala, Punjab. He was enrolled in 1 Sikh on 15 September 1941. He had earned a Military Medal in World War II. During the Jammu & Kashmir operations in the summer of 1948 the Indian Army made substantial gains in the Tithwal sector. The...