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  1. MysticMonist

    True Nature: Pantheism Or Panentheist?

    What is the Sikh view on human True Nature? Zen Buddhism says ultimately there is no self and our True Nature is emptiness, not void but empty of description. It's pure Being. So I'm borrowing this term of True Nature from Zen. Who are we really or ultimately? Mystics of Abrahamic faiths...
  2. Charan

    Pantheism And Panentheism

    SSA everyone :8-) What exactly is the difference between pantheism and panentheism? Which of the two does Sikhism fall under? Please refer to Gurbani to justify your answers.
  3. N

    Pantheism - Is This The Future ?

    Could Pantheism be the alternatve to traditional religions? The central belief for those not familiar is Quote: Pantheism believes that the universe and nature are divine. By this it means that they deserve a religious reverence. Understanding them, appreciating their beauty, and preserving...