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    India Evicted Sikh Farmers Of Haryana Face Hostility Of Administration And Panchayats

    Evicted Sikh farmers of Haryana, facing hostility of administration & panchayat, struggling to survive By Parmjit Singh Karah Sahib/ Pehowa, Haryana...
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    India Khap Panchayats Demand Closure Of Arya Samaj Temples

    Khap panchayats demand closure of Arya Samaj temples Deepender Deswal, TNN - Jan 21, 2013, 07.00 AM IST ROHTAK: Hayrana khap panchayats have demanded closure of Arya Samaj temples for "encouraging inter-caste and love marriages." The demand was raised during an all-caste meeting held in...
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    Panchayats Are Choosing To Keep Villages Dry

    April 4, 2011 punjab: society Spirited Resolve Panchayats are choosing to keep villages dry Chander Suta Dogra Sober Reflection •Invoking a clause in the Panchayati Raj Act, panchayats in Punjab are going dry •The resolutions have to be adopted by two-thirds majority at...
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    Muzaffarpur Panchayat's Decision Assailed (The Hindu)

    MUMBAI: Women's organisations across the country have criticised the Muzaffarpur panchayat's decision to force a rape victim to marry the man who raped her, her father-in-law...